SOL Art Retreat

Hi Beautiful one,

Welcome to SOL Art Retreat! – a peaceful day of relaxation, creativity, and connection with Alchemy of Life’s in house artist Julie, and our in house artist and sacred ceremony facilitator Sabrina.

Please come and join us for a rejuvenating day where you can nourish all your senses (TRULY) – your mind through art, heartfelt community, beautiful views and connection to the surrounding nature. Nurture your body through indulging in a light tasty and nutritious lunch and moving slowly throughout the day. To then nurture your energy through the vibrant world of creating art and foster meaningful connections with fellow art enthusiasts who are all gathering for the same collective reason.

Our simple retreat is especially designed to inspire you to open your wings into exploring YOUR creativity in different avenues and ways. Take flight in a world of unimaginable beauty that maybe you didn’t know you had waiting inside of you to come out!!

We encourage families to come – All Children over the age of 8yrs accompanied by a parent or guardian are welcome – however please inquire within* contact us at or direct msg Julie 0481097352 before buying ticket.


Event Schedule:

Arrive 8.30 for 9:00 AM start –

  • Start your day with a calming meditation and garden walk which will be lead by Sabrina, to centre your mind and set the tone for a day of creativity.
  • Art Workshop: Engage in a painting workshop led by Julie, where she will share techniques to express yourself through colour and brushstrokes.

Lunch Break 12:00 – 1:00 PM:

  • Enjoy a light nourishing lunch prepared with fresh, wholesome ingredients, designed to replenish your energy for the afternoon ahead.

Afternoon Session 1:00 – 3:00 PM:

  • Creative Expression: Dive into your own artistic journey as you complete your art piece on canvas. Let your imagination run wild as you explore various mediums, techniques, and styles.
  • Reflection, Sharing, and Closing: Gather together for a reflective session, where you can share insights from your creative experience, or simply bask in the collective energy of artistic expression and connection.


What to Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing suitable for painting.
  • Any personal art supplies you wish to use (ie-bits of jewellery, serviettes, crystals).
  • Open heart and mind ready for exploration and connection.


Materials- All materials are supplied: canvas, acrylic and water paints, assorted beads and crystals, serviettes and stencils. We mention to bring anything you want as we want to encourage you to have that as an option too!

Intuitive Painting Exploration

The enchanting world of intuitive painting… It changes lives!! You truly have to experience it for yourself to understand just how powerful this work is.

Inspired by Julies own artistic journey, you will weave layers together incorporating crystals/bits of jewellery/sand/leaves or any element that intuitively calls out to you in such a way that give you total permission to push the boundaries of “conventional.” – YOU WILL HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!

Reserve your spots now for a day filled with creativity, connection, and shared memories.

Meet the Artist Julie

Julie is an artist who takes herself into the world of intuitive painting in which ignites a storm of creativity and self-discovery. Julie has a passion for guiding and encouraging individuals on their artistic journeys to get out there and give it a go, Be different, Be you!

Julie creates a genuine gentle, fun, laid back and immersive workshop environment that invites participants of all ages to explore the depths of their imagination through very simple self taught artistic painting techniques.

In Julie’s workshops participants are encouraged to explore their creativity without judgement, allowing intuition to guide their brushstrokes. Through the incorporation of layers, beads, crystals, serviettes, stencils, wood, paint and so much more you are guaranteed to feel totally immersed in fun, loving vibes and a sense of self discovery.

With Julie’s known rays of love and compassion – her guidance for all artists really does foster a wonderful environment for freedom of expression. Whether you are seasoned artist and have a style you work with or beginners taking their first steps into the world of painting, Julie creates a supportive and nurturing environment where creativity flourishes!

You might unlock some hidden gems inside of you that you didn’t know existed.


Mar 24 2024


9:00 am - 3:00 pm



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Alchemy of Life Wellness Centre
845 Campersic Road, Brigadoon WA 6069
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