Sacred Moon Bath

New Moon: During the new moon (complete darkness) you may feel more perceptive as your awareness is heightened. The new moon is the best time to purify, release and transmute old energy and plant the seeds of intentions to cultivate new beginnings.


Re-Charge, Re-Connect, Re-Calibrate, Re-Balance, Re-Align, Re-Emerge

Do you ever look up into the heavens in disbelief at how vast the cosmos is and the interconnectedness of everything? Do you question the role that cosmic energy plays out here on Mother Earth and how it effects our bodies and in fact, effects every life form and event on Mother Earth? Our inner balance comes from our relationship with the moon, so taking a moon bath is sacred connection to that governing lunar energy and serves as a gentle reminder to slow down and take care of yourself as with each new moon or full moon, it as an opportunity to centre yourself, to release the old energies, to re-charge, re-connect, re-calibrate, re-balance, re-align and re-emerge into the new moon energy and new beginnings.


Moon bathing is predominantly an ancient Ayurveda practice and is a potent way to harness the power of the Lunar cycles to purify and connect with your inner self and cosmic Oneness. It involves soaking up Lunar energy instead of sun rays. Moon bathing typically involves the use of herbs and as such we will be indulging in some cleansing and purifying herbal teas across the evening. Moon bathing and herbalism are both practices that are deeply rooted in ancient traditions, with the main connection being nature.

For example, moon bathing involves receiving the nourishing lunar energy from the moon, while herbalism uses the medicinal properties of plants. When they come together, they form a holistic approach to overall health and well-being.

When it comes to moon bathing, the practice typically occurs during the full moon or new moon phase. This ritual simply involves finding a quiet, peaceful outdoor space where one can bask in the power of the projected lunar energy.


Event Details:

Saturday 11th November 2023 – 6.30pm arrival.

Please note that this is an over night event where we will be sleeping outdoors under the Lunar Energy and on Mother Earth.

This is a 16 hour fasting event to allow our organs and bodies to be fully receptive and assimilate the Lunar Energies to restore, heal, balance, align and harmonise rather than utilising energy for digestion.

The event is free of electronic devices so please turn your phone off and leave them in an allocate zone inside the Wellness Centre or your overnight bag.

Please arrive showered, teeth brushed and dressed in your pyjamas, sleep wear or lounge wear, just as if you were ready for bed as we would like the evening to be a relaxed atmosphere and ease of transition into the energies and sleep.

You will be greeted in Prana Lounge which is the heart of the Wellness Centre with a cleansing and purifying smoking of your energy body in preparation for a guided meditation where you will lie down and relax into the evening to prepare for the Lunar Energy healing.

Medicinal teas will be served after the meditation before we take our positions in the outdoor area to set up our bedding for the night. We will spend the night in silent reverence of the Lunar Energy and allow the purifying energies to heal and restore on a deep cellular level.

Sunday morning at 7am, an Energy Medicine class will take place to flush all stagnant, impure and deceased energies that the Lunar energy has brought to the surface. This is a highly beneficial practice to enhance the healing benefits of the Lunar energy and to further assist in flushing negative and congested energies that may still be within the Auric Field.

Sunday 9am – home time.


What to Bring:

Over night bag with toothbrush and a change of clothes – yoga clothing or active wear for the Sunday morning Energy Medicine class.

Your preferred bedding/sleeping bag and pillow. If you don’t wish to sleep directly on Mother Earth then a small sleeping matt is recommended under your sleeping bag. Additional warm blanket in case the weather is cold.

Small torch

Organic/natural insect repellent (no chemicals please)

Water bottle

Please note that if the weather is inclement, then the event will be postponed. Can’t control Mother Nature!



Nov 11 - 12 2023


6:30 pm - 9:00 am



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