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Return to Love Cacao Ceremony

In a world where the pace of life often leaves us feeling disconnected and overwhelmed, there exists a unique and transformative gathering—a ceremonial cacao medicine and rose sound healing community that is nested in the Perth Hills. This sacred convergence brings together individuals from diverse walks of life, drawn by a shared yearning for healing, connection, and spiritual growth.

Ceremonial cacao, revered by ancient civilizations as a sacred plant medicine, takes centre stage in this heart-centred event. Sourced from the depths of the rainforests of Peru, this cacao carries the wisdom of the earth and the energy of the jungle. Participants gather in a circle, each cup of cacao becoming a vessel for their intentions, a key to unlock the chambers of their heart. Sip this warm elixir, breathe deep to relax and be guided through a ceremonial journey, a communion with the spirit of cacao, and an opportunity to delve deep within yourself.

But it is not just the cacao that weaves this tapestry of transformation. The delicate fragrance of roses permeates the space, and their petals, carefully arranged, create a living mandala at the heart of the gathering. Roses, known for their gentle yet potent energy of love, serve as a symbol of unity and a reminder of the divine within and around us.

The centrepiece of this event is the rose sound healing session, a harmonious blend of sound and silence. Surrounded by the soft glow of candlelight and the gentle scent of roses, participants lie down, their hearts open, and their spirits receptive. The resonant tones of crystal bowls and the soothing melodies of rose-infused music wash over them, creating a symphony of healing vibrations. It is as if the very essence of the roses, amplified through sound, penetrates their souls, facilitating release and renewal.

In this sacred container of ceremony and sound, you are invited to share your stories, vulnerabilities, and aspirations. Be apart of a supportive community, bound together by a common journey of self-discovery and transformation. As the event unfolds, a profound sense of connection and belonging envelops the space, and the healing energy of the group amplifies the intentions set at the beginning.

This ceremonial cacao medicine and rose sound healing community event transcends the ordinary and invites participants to step into a realm of profound self-exploration and heart-centred connection. It serves as a reminder that amidst the chaos of the modern world, there are spaces where we can come together, heal, and rediscover the beauty of our shared humanity. Here, the wisdom of cacao and the grace of roses converge to create an experience that is truly like no other—a journey of healing, transformation, and love.

Event starts at 4:00pm – Please arrive anytime from 3:20 pm onwards yet before 4pm to start on time and enjoy the beautiful gardens, settle yourself and set your space up at the circle. Ceremony will finish at 6:30 pm and we shall eat upstairs in the shop until 7:30pm.

How to prepare for Cacao and ceremony? I will send you an email on how to prepare your body physically and physically for this beautiful event.

Please bring: A small plate of plant based sattvic food to share for dinner afterwards.

* favourite drinking mug for cacao

* comfortable and ceremonial clothing (loose, flowy and …optional -white)

* blanket/eye mask for the sound healing

WHERE TO GO? – As you arrive, please park in the designated bays, there are some more around side of the property. Come in through the front doors where the sign says ”welcome” – please then place any food in the kitchen (to your left) and then travel down to the ”prana lounge” which is to the right and downstairs as you come inside the main doors.


I would like to acknowledge and pay deep respect to the indigenous traditional spiritual custodians of this land, the Whadjuk bibulmun paperbark noongars, yoorgars boodja people. I bow to you and your culture, elders and all spirits.

Can i bring my children? – ABSOLUTELY! I do please ask you that if your children become noisy and disturb the circle that you take them outside or upstairs. I love having families come but also a gentle reminder that people do come to relax so if you can be sure to keep close attention to your children the entire time of the event that would be grately appreciated.

Can i have cacao if i am pregnant? – Yes. Cacao medicine is very gentle and it can strengthen connection to your bub. Because of the stimulant aspect in cacao, it can cause bub to wake up and move about a bit more in the womb. Cacao is a very supportive thing for mummas. Of course there’s no pressure to ever drink the cacao if you don’t want to. You can come for the sound healing and all the other aspects of the ceremony.

Can i have cacao if i am on any synthetic medications? – There’s no simple answer to this except to please specify PRIOR to the event what medications you are on. I am not a doctor and ask that you please get clarity if you are concerned by your medical professional.

Is cacao medicine a psycadelic? – no.


Oct 29 2023


4:00 pm - 7:30 pm



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