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An Evening of Kirtan Bliss + Divine Sound Radiance Vocal Masterclass

Through the sweet ambience of collective chanting, chai and Ayurvedic Satvic dinner – experience an evening full of many delights.

Please join us on Saturday the 27th of April for an enchanting evening of Kirtan with international guest Leo Dey. Where the rhythms of devotional chanting will uplift our spirits and fill our hearts with joy. Kirtan invites individuals to come together in a space of love, devotion, and celebration as we journey towards greater understanding and union with the divine.

Saturday 27th Kirtan Bliss Event Details $49

Address: 845 Campersic Road Brigadoon

Time: 6:00 – 8:00pm

Date: Saturday 27th of April

What to bring: A small plate of satvic/plant based food to share.

Do you want to learn more about Classical Indian Music? We invite you to come and let your voice soar!

Step into the enchanting world of classical Indian music with Leo Dey’s transformative vocal workshop. Join us as for a journey of melodic exploration, guided by Leo’s deep understanding and expertise in the art of Indian classical vocals. Whether you’re a seasoned singer or new to the realm of ragas and sargam – Leo’s nurturing guidance will empower you to unlock the secrets of this ancient musical tradition. Discover the very rich beauty of Indian classical music.

Sunday 28th Vocal Workshop (3hrs) $49

Address: 845 Campersic Road Brigadoon

Time: 10:30am – 2pm (30 min lunch break – light snacks and tea/refreshments served)

Date: Sunday 28th of April

Special International guest Leo Dey

Leo embarked on his formal training in Indian classical music at a young age. His singing described by his teachers as possessing the ’causeless mercy’ voice of Mother Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, his singing exudes divine grace and profound wisdom. With countless performances spanning the globe, Leo has mesmerised audiences worldwide. Presently, he channels his life’s dedication towards music, nurturing and enlightening his students through transformative retreats and mentorship at his esteemed academy, ‘Swar Yoga Music Academy’.



What is Kirtan?

Kirtan is a form of devotional singing and chanting that originates from the Bhakti yoga (Devotional) tradition, particularly in Hinduism. It involves the repetitive singing of sacred mantras, hymns, or divine names, often accompanied by musical instruments such as the harmonium, drums (tabla, mridanga), and cymbals.

The word “kirtan” is derived from Sanskrit and can be broken down as follows:

  • “Kirt” means “to praise” or “to glorify.”
  • “Tan” refers to “repetition” or “extension.”

Together, “kirtan” signifies the act of praising or glorifying the divine through repetitive chanting or singing. Kirtan sessions typically involve call-and-response singing, where a lead singer or group chants a line, and the participants respond in unison.

Kirtan is not just a musical practice; it is also a spiritual practice believed to have transformative effects on the mind and soul. It is often performed in temples, ashrams, and spiritual gatherings as a means of connecting with the divine, fostering inner peace, and experiencing unity with others.


Apr 27 2024


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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