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Brush Your Way Through Ferngully 2 Day Retreat & Art Workshop

Two Day Immersive Art Retreat Nestled in the Serene Darling Ranges of the Perth Hills.

Juniper will assist you as you put paint to canvas and create your own forest masterpiece in an environment where you can express yourself freely.

Juniper: “I understand that it takes a lot of courage to be creative as it may touch on suppressed emotions and intrinsic thoughts or feelings. I will support and encourage you every step of the way in order for you to discover your own creation of light within your dark.”

You will not only be taught painting techniques that give the skills to paint realistic impressions of the trees and forest’s that you connect with. You will also be shown how to work with a specific colour of your choice that resonates with you deeply, on a personal level. Activating and nurturing a sense of an inward safety and love through which the colours and forest themes you choose – which will bring forth that extra magic in your art piece.

Tune into nature, to the beautiful aromas of the Australian bush whilst tuning into soothing sounds, good music and live sounds.


When: Saturday 27th 9am-5pm & Sunday 28th April 9am-5pm

Where: The Alchemy of Life spiritual Wellness Centre, 845 Campersic Brigadoon WA 6069

Hosted By: Juniper Hill

Positions Available: 8

Skill level: Intermediate

Price: $511.50 per artist

For all artists weather you are aspiring or just simple a passionate art/creative, if you feel called to develop your acrylic painting skills and understanding of how to use colour tones, shadowing, layers, highlights to paint wonderful and real looking natures capes.. this 2 day retreat IS FOR YOU!

Not only will you learn solid techniques to help you bring a vision from your mind to life, but also you’ll find that a beautiful Metaphysical experience is woven throughout this weekend. Nurturing all parts of the body, mind and soul! nature and painting with a deeper influence of intention that is connected to overall beauty of nature – this workshop will foster a profound change and advancement in your path, much like a seed being planted and will slowly start to grow its roots and beauty into all aspects of your life.

This 2 wholesome days on site perched up in the darling ranges, overlooking hillsides and rivers, saturated with native birdlife and native animals – is more than just a workshop this is a totally unique EXPERIENCE that you will remember for a long time.

What’s Included:

* Experienced-led workshops: tone fading exercises, understanding the light source and layering the trees *To fuel our creative flow, a vegetable curry and homemade bread will be served for lunch * Sound healing journey bath

* Art supplies and materials

– 60cmx60cm Canvas – Acrylic Paints – Artist sponge – Brushes

* Connecting to Australian land and gardens * Delicious meals, thermo set up with tea

* Hot Ceremoinal Cacao whist painting* Take-home resources for continued artistic development

* Live acustic musician entertainment * Take home gift pack * Intentional opening and closing the space *take home a painting you are proud of!

We welcome 8 called people to join us for two in depth days of artistic exploration, skill enhancement, and creative inspiration. Seize this opportunity to rejuvenate your artistic spirit and connect with a community that celebrates the beauty of expression. Limited spaces are available, ensuring that you will get the attention you need.

This event provides an opportunity to be guided through a journey to create youre own safe space to revisit by energetically adding each layer of the Forrest with your paintbrush. Understanding that it takes a lot of courage to be creative as it may touch on suppressed emotions and invasive thoughts or feelings. Juniper will support and encourage you every step of the way in order for you to discover youre own creation of light with in your dark. You will be taught and guided through techniques of painting realistic trees and Forrest’s with a colour that resonates your safe space.

This 2 day retreat weekend we will meet for the first time on 27th April, Saturday at 9am.

You will be greeted with a herbal tea of your choice and given time to settle in, adjust your energy to the charm of the gardens. We begin with an immersive sound bath by our very own in house ceremonialist Sabrina Ronzitti on Day 1.

More information will be sent out closer to the date via email!

On the second day we ask that we all bring a plate of food to contribute to help nourish our fellow artists. After two days of retreating, creating and re energising, you’ll be leaving with the understanding of how to have the energy source from nature in to your own painting for you to take home.

About your facilitatopr Juniper: Juniper is an Australian realistic acrylic painter and a mother to a young boy. She likes to explore the essence of ferngullys magic. Captivated by Australia’s invigorating Forrest’s, she shares the spirit and power of the land through her paintings.

Juniper is a tattoo artist by trade and has spent the last ten years collaborating with one on one sessions in designing your own tattoos. Junipers paintings are a contrast of discovering your own creation of light with in your dark. There is no dark without light, no light without dark. There is no fear without love and no love without fear. A balance of both, a reminder that love and safety can find you where ever you need it.

With holistic creation comes with an immersive love for sound and photography, with that also comes the desire to travel. Most of her travels are to Europe and the south west of Australia. Which is where her inspiration is birthed and unified with her journey of self love and healing.

Juniper is looking forward to journeying with you all.

Secure your spot now for a weekend of artistic growth and connection.


Apr 28 2024


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Alchemy of Life Wellness Centre
845 Campersic Road, Brigadoon WA 6069
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